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A Smarter Way to Manufacture

Eliminate Defects & Increase Throughput with the Power of Projected AR Software

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Enter a New Era of Human + Machine Collaboration

As you consider the future of manufacturing and the shift from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0, it’s critical that you empower your workforce with digital technologies that help them succeed. According to Kearney survey respondents, 72 percent of the tasks in a factory are performed by humans.

As the premier visual guidance platform globally, LightGuide AR is a powerful addition to your smart manufacturing environment. The LightGuide AR software platform utilizes one or more industrial-grade projectors interfaced to sensors, cameras, input devices, and smart tools to visualize and error-proof the workflow. 


Imagine LightGuide in Your Factory of the Future

LightGuide Projected Augmented Reality (AR) Software dramatically improves complex manual processes.

Discover the Industrial AR Software Leading Manufacturers Trust to Power their Factories of the Future

  • 90% Improvement in Quality
  • 50% Improvement in Throughput
  • 30% Improvement in Training Effectiveness

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Augmented Reality (AR) Applications on the Factory Floor

Download the eBook to discover the three types of AR manufacturers are using today to continually enhance quality, throughput, and training effectiveness.

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LightGuide smartAR™ Workstation

The all-in-one smartAR Workstation redefines how augmented reality is deployed to the factory floor. As a pre-engineered system, it combines all required hardware and software needed for LightGuide AR visual guidance.

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LightGuide AR Platform

LightGuide augmented reality uses digital projection technology to overlay a virtual operating “canvas” onto any work surface, simplifying complex manual tasks. By interfacing with existing manufacturing equipment, the system delivers immersive, interactive visual work instructions that comprise a company’s key assembly, inspection, material handling, and training operations.

Ready to Put the Power of LightGuide Projected AR to Work for You?