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Maintenance Solutions

Tapping Into the Power of Industry 4.0

LightGuide powers up your maintenance activities including bench rebuilds and repairs as well as maintenance walks in the plant with work instructions displayed on a wearable.

Real-Time Analytics

LightGuide captures real-time operational metrics, including station status, cycle time, step times, throughput, and defect logging.

Digital Traceability

LightGuide captures key metrics, storing pictures and videos, and providing a “digital birth certificate” for every part produced.

Factory Connected

LightGuide connects seamlessly into your factory environment, including MES, PLC, torque tools, cameras, and sensors.

See What Solutions LightGuide Provides

This example highlights how LightGuide for a repair event can operate with either projected or wearable AR devices, with common work instructions created in the LightGuide authoring environment.


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LightGuide delivers targeted functionality to meet a wide range of industry demands with precision and consistency.

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