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The Benefits of Augmented Reality Training Tools for Manufacturers

While different industries and manufacturing environments may have varying practices and priorities, no manufacturing pro will dispute the importance of high-quality training.

Great training leads to a safer, more productive and more efficient working environment, and employees who are confident and capable contributors.

Manufacturing decision-makers are always on the lookout for training innovations and improvements, and one of the most exciting new and effective types of training tools on the market delivers plenty of both: enterprise augmented reality.


The case for augmented reality training tools

Augmented reality-based systems and technologies deliver interactive, intuitive and hands-on guidance in real-time.

Unlike traditional paper or monitor-based work instructions, augmented reality is dynamic, interactive and adaptive–ensuring that operators complete tasks efficiently and without errors. The best augmented reality solutions combine industrial strength projection technology with sophisticated software, overlaying a digital operating “canvas” directly onto the work surface, giving users an intuitive and interactive visual guide.

Flexible, scalable and customizable, new enterprise augmented reality tools are designed with integrated audio and visual cues that provide real-world and real-time guidance, pacing and direction. No-faults-forward functionality makes these tools an ideal fit for training applications, teaching users to use the right parts in the right sequence–all while gathering real-time analytics and detailed data collection that allows trainers and supervisors to review process and progress in more detail.


Advanced training applications for augmented reality in manufacturing

Some augmented reality training tools can deliver an extraordinary degree of interactive realism that walks trainees through a sequential process using actual 3D images of real-world environments. Trainees can engage with a fully realized dimensional representation of an assembly line, for example, as well as the precise layout of the racks, tools and materials around the line.

Such systems can record hand position, and sequencing, ensure trainees use the correct tools and the right number of parts, and can even facilitate independent training and certification by giving users the option to complete tasks without computer guidance.

Think of enterprise augmented reality training tools like a powerful GPS app: yes, a traditional paper map can still get you where you need to go, but the visual and verbal guidance, adaptive real-time navigation and simple utility and convenience of a GPS gets you there faster, safer, and with fewer wrong turns!

Replacing inefficient, inconvenient and unsanitary paper or touchscreen checklists is even more valuable in sterile environments, such as lab or healthcare settings, where contamination is always a concern, and maintaining cleanliness, health and hygiene is essential. Reducing touch-points where dirty or infectious material can be transmitted greatly decreases the risk of contamination or infection.

Already an increasingly popular and powerful manufacturing tool, enterprise augmented reality systems, like LightGuide Systems, are breaking new ground in innovative new training applications. By providing a more efficient and effective way to train both experienced and aspiring professionals to master even the most complex of tasks, augmented reality is transforming the training landscape across a range of different industries.


Looking to transform your employee training programs? Send us a message and tell us about the challenges you’re currently facing. A member from our solutions team will be in touch to talk though various applications that can benefit your operations.