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How to Assemble a Face Shield for Automation Alley’s Project DIAMOnD

Automation Alley partnered with Oakland County and Macomb County to create Project DIAMOnD to keep Michigan at the forefront of innovation. The program is designed to “address the urgent need to move companies into the digital manufacturing age of Industry 4.0 as fast as possible to help improve our region’s manufacturing agility and response to future disruptions.”

As a part of that project, businesses accepted into the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Resilience Grant Program can receive Industry 4.0 technology at no cost to aid current and future production challenges. This includes potentially being asked to contribute to PPE production for the state in the future.

To produce that equipment, businesses can choose to receive a TrainAR from LightGuide Systems in the grant application.

The TrainAR system is designed to effectively and efficiently train any worker, no matter their skill set. It is proven to improve quality, cycle time, and increase productivity for all operations that are run through its system.

It can instantaneously switch any operation to fulfill the needs of the program. Meaning, your operations are in no way strictly tied to the program through the TrainAR.

Watch how the TrainAR would work in a situation where the program was requested to build face shields:

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To apply, or find out more information about the program, go to To find out how to request LightGuide products as a part of the program, please contact us.