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Sandy Munro Shows Off LightGuide on Tesla Battery

Image of Sandy Munro Builds A Tesla Battery Bay video

Sandy Munro, the CEO of Munro & Associates, is known for his innovative lean design methods, wit, and his YouTube channel. He frequently posts videos of Tesla Model teardowns and gives advice and tips on lean manufacturing techniques. In the latest episode of Munro Live, Sandy Munro assembled a Tesla battery bay with the help of LightGuide Systems.

From the beginning, Sandy noted that the new way of manufacturing would focus on guided processes. It takes the guesswork out of the assembly, especially with complex builds. As Sandy stated, “If you try to put it in the wrong place, it’s going to come back and tell you ‘hey put it over here.’” Even if it was his first time putting it together. He went on to say that “this is exactly why we have this kind of a system. It allows me to not make a mistake.”

The assembly included guided placements of parts, wire harnessing, clipping, pick-to-light bin picking, and wrenching.

After completing the assembly, Sandy spoke with the LightGuide Systems CEO, Paul Ryznar about the process. “It’s similar to a GPS you use in your car,” Paul noted, “It’s like a GPS for manufacturing. So, complex processes like building a battery become as simple as following the lights.”

The time it takes to train employees on complex processes such as, and inspect correctness,  takes enormous amounts of time away from overall throughput. “To be able to compete, we’ve got to be able to get up to speed in a hurry,” Sandy mentioned. And LightGuide allows you to do that with unlimited variations to the process. Often, as Paul stated, a typical return on investment is achieved in under six weeks.

Watch Sandy complete the whole assembly in under ten minutes on Munro Live:

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