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Connecting Cobots and Augmented Reality for Workflow Optimization

Connecting Cobots and Augmented Reality for

Workflow Optimization 


LightGuide’s industrial AR work instruction platform seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of factory tools and IO devices, including KUKA’s LBR iisy cobot. Here, LightGuide integrated with the iisy cobot to combine the benefits of digital work instructions with industrial automation in an all-in-one assembly and inspection process for an EV charge controller.   

KUKA Cobot and Projected AR Charge Controller Assembly 

In this instance, the LBR iisy cobot was configured with a lightweight projector, a Cognex 8200 series machine vision camera, and an infrared light—which provides robust part inspection in various lighting conditions. 

By integrating with the cobot, LightGuide is able to provide digital work instructions on a 3D surface, changing angles when needed to best guide the worker. LightGuide is aIso able to verify actions are completed correctly by the operator using the Cognex vision camera. If a part is installed incorrectly, LightGuide dynamically updates the projected work instructions and directs the operator to correct the assembly before advancing to the next step.  

Factory Connectivity for Enhanced Data and Analytics 

LightGuide connects to hundreds of factory tools and IO devices, including a variety of different cobots. Through these connections, LightGuide collects and organizes data to determine specific tool measurements. For example, when connected to a torque tool, LightGuide can collect, organize, project and verify torque values as they happen in real-time throughout a process. Once connected, LightGuide is capable of receiving collecting data from the device, which can be organized alongside other data that LightGuide captures during operation. This includes cycle times, step times, user logins and timestamps – leading to a more complete view of factory operations, enhanced traceability and reduced cognitive load on the operator. 

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