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Reimagining Work with LightGuide

Digitally Transform your Operations and Unlock Human Potential

LightGuide is the bridge between Industry 4.0 and the best of Human Intelligence. Delivering the right information, in the right place, at the right time, our Industrial AR platform delivers immediate impact in quality, productivity and training.

Enterprise Ready

LightGuide is enterprise-ready, easily interfaced to common cloud platforms for custom dashboards and analytics.

Empowered Workforce

LightGuide is human-centric Augmented Reality, helping create a safer, more satisfying environment for your workforce.

Proven Results

LightGuide has deployed 1000+ systems over ten plus years, delivering fast ROI in less than six months on the factory floor.

AR Manufacturing Solutions for Every Industry

Easily adapted to your specific environment, we streamline and error-proof manufacturing processes across a wide range of industries.


Aerospace & Defense


Food & Beverage

Diverse Manufacturing


Transforming Your Key Processes

There is a LightGuideAR solution for the primary applications on the factory floor, including Assembly, Part Picking & Kitting, Testing and Inspection, Training, and Maintenance.


Part Picking & Kitting

Test & Inspection



Distributed Manufacturing


"Workers feel more empowered and less stressed when working with the system, knowing they are being supported in their job by LightGuide. They feel confident in manufacturing complex products with high-quality standards. Our operators can now do work which they could not before."
Bart Decloedt, Business Manager, Mariasteen

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