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LightGuide Patents

Agile, Intuitive AR. Proven Patented Technology.

The following Patents cover the Light Guide Systems and Light Guide Medical family of products including Light Guide Classic, Light Guide Pro, Stratus Pro, TrainAR, Spot Guide and Sight Guide.

Light Guided Assembly System

  • US Patent 7,515,981
  • Canadian Patent 2,625,348

Light Guided Assembly System and Method (MES interface)

  • US Patent 9,658,614 & 10,528,036
  • Canadian Patent 2,825,726
  • Mexican Patent 346,859
  • Czechia, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Belgium Patent 2,673,592
  • Germany Patent 602012058024
  • Patents pending in other jurisdictions

Eyewear Operational Guide System and Method

  • US patent 9,965,897
  • Patents pending in other jurisdictions

Distributed Manufacturing

  • Patents pending in other jurisdictions

Numerous other patents filed and pending

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