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LightGuide smartAR™ Desktop

An All-In-One System for Industrial AR Work Instructions

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The Power of Projected AR Work Instructions in a Portable Platform

Leading manufacturers are deploying the smartAR Desktop to run training, assembly, inspection, and repair operations for small form-factor parts and processes, like portable electronics, PCBAs, cell phones, tablets, game controllers, and more. With this compact model, LightGuide users can perform offline and remote work instruction authoring, streamlining processes faster. The smartAR Desktop also scales process simulations, reducing training time and getting workers on the line faster.

Projection-Based AR

LightGuide Projection AR creates a high-lumen, high-resolution, hands-free user experience.


Visual Workflow

LightGuide creates an immersive, intuitive user experience with step-by-step guidance for complex manual work.


Easily Customized

LightGuide is a low-code application, easily configured, customized, and programmed by your team.


Everything you Need to Create Projected AR Work Instructions


LightGuide’s smartAR Desktop can power your core operational processes, assembly, inspection, repair operations, and training. Features of the smartAR Desktop include:

  • A portable all-in-one system with integrated hardware
  • Pre-installed LightGuide AR work instruction software
  • An integrated projector
  • A 3D camera
  • A powerful Windows 10 PC 
  • A 23-inch diagonal touchscreen monitor
  • A 20-inch diagonal touch-enabled mat worksurface

LightGuide AR Platform


LightGuide augmented reality uses digital projection technology to overlay a virtual operating “canvas” onto any work surface, simplifying complex manual tasks. By interfacing with existing manufacturing equipment, the system delivers immersive, interactive visual work instructions that comprise a company’s key assembly, inspection, material handling, and training operations.

  • 90% Improvement in Quality
  • 50% Improvement in Throughput
  • 30% Improvement in Training Effectiveness

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