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Digital Work Instructions for Electronics Manufacturers


Improve quality, throughput, and productivity with augmented reality work instructions.


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Resolve Common Electronics Manufacturing Challenges with AR Workflows

In an industry grappling with constant innovation and short product lifecycles, where human errors account for 80% of defects, electronics companies are rethinking how they approach assembly, repair, and recycling to achieve higher levels of quality and productivity.

LightGuide’s projected augmented reality (AR) workflow platform fast-tracks the adoption of new processes to dramatically improve quality, safety and productivity.

Rapid Innovation & Short Lifecycles

Navigate the complexity of an ever-changing product mix and high variation processes with rapid authoring of digital workflows and precise visual guidance.

Inefficient Processes & Quality Issues

Eliminate defects & improve efficiency. Transform complex processes into AR workflows for real-time guidance and no-fault-forward quality control.

Labor & Training Challenges

Attract, train, and retain employees. Assistive AR technology helps workers learn and navigate complex processes to achieve optimal quality and productivity.

Electronics Recycling

Optimize disassembly, disposal, and recycling processes to safely scale sustainability programs, reduce e-waste and improve material recovery.

Warranty Support & Repair

Standardize, streamline, and error-proof repair processes by equipping technicians with real-time visual guidance to efficiently locate and resolve issues.

Product Traceability

Unlock full traceability to identify deviations at the source. Capture, analyze and report on manual process data for a complete view of operations.

Unlock the Power of AR Workflows with LightGuide

As the premier digital work instruction platform, LightGuide’s projected AR software interfaces with industrial-grade projectors, sensors, and smart tools to guide operators through each step of a process.

  • Prevent errors with interactive AR work instructions projected directly on your operators’ work surface
  • Detect errors in real time with 3D sensors and vision cameras that monitor and catch mistakes
  • Get real-time data and insights on your operators’ performance and quality
AR Applications in Electronics Industry


LightGuide AR Delivers Proven Results

  • >90% Improve Quality
  • >50% Increase Throughput
  • >30% Accelerate Training

Your Guide to AR Applications on the Factory Floor


Not all types of augmented reality are created equal. Use this guide to discover which type of industrial AR is best suited for your factory application, learn from real-world case studies, and more.


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Leading Manufacturers Have Dramatically Improved Their Processes. So Can You.

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"[LightGuide] puts work instructions exactly where you build your product, so you’re reducing time looking at printed instructions by putting the focus exactly where operators’ attention should be."
Brandon Taylor, Senior Process and Manufacturing Engineer, Lightning eMotors

Let Us Design a Solution for Your Most Challenging Application

Ready to put the power of projected AR to work for you? Our proven platform, deployed across 200+ customers, can deliver predictable results for your most complex manual processes.

Enterprise Ready

LightGuide is enterprise-ready, easily interfaced to common cloud platforms for custom dashboards and analytics.

Easily Customized

Low-code and easily configured, customized, and programmed by your team.

Real-time Analytics

LightGuide captures key metrics, storing pictures and videos, and provides a “digital birth certificate” for every part produced.

Ready to Put the Power of Projected AR to Work for You?