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Service Form

  • Please enter a number from 832000 to 833999.
  • Click Here if You Need Help Finding the Dongle Number.
    This will be a 6-digit number. The format will be 83XXXX. Not having an accurate dongle number will lead to delays in service. Providing a valid dongle number will greatly improve our ability to support you.


    HIGH: Production is down, and no workaround exists. Examples can include expired licenses, communication to external devices lost, and hardware inoperable.

    MEDIUM: Product usage may be affected but a workaround exists, and production is not affected. Examples can include projector warning lights and other hardware errors and program output not as expected.

    LOW: General product questions that don’t affect usage. Examples include product enhancements, usage questions, and cosmetic problems.

Get in Touch with the Lightguide Service Team


This page is intended for use by existing LightGuide customers who are seeking technical assistance with any of their LightGuide products.

This form, once submitted, will be sent to a service technician at LightGuide for review and assignment.  You can expect to receive immediate confirmation of the creation of your support request via e-mail and once the ticket has been created and assigned a technician will be in contact with you directly. 

Please be sure to validate the accuracy of your personal contact information and technical details in the required fields.
Required fields are indicated by an *.


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