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Empower your Workforce with Projected AR Workflows


Improve the quality, throughput, and productivity of your workforce by equipping them with the digital tools of LightGuide’s scalable AR platform.


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A Practical and Proven Platform to Resolve Your Manufacturing Challenges

LightGuide’s augmented reality (AR) software platform transforms manual processes by projecting digital step-by-step work instructions onto an employee’s work surface, standardizing and error-proofing the work. Coupled with 3D sensors and vision cameras, the system prevents and detects errors in real-time while capturing data and insights on your operator’s performance and quality.

Projection-Based AR Guidance

Eliminate defects and improve efficiency by transforming manual processes into visual AR workflows for real-time operator guidance. LightGuide Projection AR creates a high impact, high resolution, hands-free user experience.

Confirmation and Error Prevention

Our platform uses 3D sensors and vision cameras to detect errors in real-time, preventing defects and ensuring no-fault-forward quality control.

Real-time Analytics and Insights

Capture real-time operational metrics for full digital traceability in complex manufacturing processes and uncover powerful insights with the Data Hub. It’s enterprise-ready and easily interfaces to cloud analytics platforms.


See LightGuide in Action

LightGuide is an AR-powered platform that helps businesses overcome their most complex operational challenges. Our solutions automate complex assembly, part picking, kitting, sequencing, test and inspection, and training on new products and processes.

Zero Defect Manufacturing Made Simple

Easily configured, customized, and programmed by your team, LightGuide digitizes complex frontline processes and replaces paper or monitor-based work instructions with projected AR workflows. It connects seamlessly with your existing factory systems using pre-built digital connectors to hundreds of different MES, PLC, torque tools, cameras, and sensors.

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LightGuide AR Delivers Proven Results

  • >90% Improve Quality
  • >50% Increase Throughput
  • >30% Accelerate Training

Your Guide to AR Applications on the Factory Floor


Not all types of augmented reality are created equal. Use this guide to discover which type of industrial AR is best suited for your factory application. Explore the benefits and limitations of the 3 types of AR manufacturers are using today and learn how to standardize, streamline, and error-proof complex manual processes with AR.


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AR Products and Solutions for Every Application

From small form factor training to complex, multi-station workcell assembly, there is a LightGuide projected AR solution for virtually any application.

LightGuide smartAR™ Desktop

The smartAR Desktop is an all-in-one system for AR work instructions, training and more.

LightGuide smartAR™ Workstation

The smartAR Workstation is an industrial-grade AR system for error-free assembly, inspection and training.

Explore Our Range of AR Solutions

LightGuide is a scalable platform supporting the largest and most complex manual industrial applications.

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Featured Customer Case Studies

Leading Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer Eliminates Defects with AR Technology

Industry leader L3Harris must ensure its products adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability. After implementing the LightGuide projected AR platform on a line with 17 variants, the company eliminated defects and changeover per variant.

EV Supplier Reduces Cycle Time and Improves Quality with AR Work Instructions

After implementing LightGuide on a production line with 4 workstations and nearly 100 parts bins, this global transmission supplier eliminated process confusion, reducing cycle time dramatically and improving quality by 100%.

Lightning eMotors Adopts AR Work Instructions for Error-free EV Manufacturing

Lightning eMotors, a leader in EV manufacturing and fleet electrification, decreased cycle time by up to 50% and reduced training time by 75% using the LightGuide AR platform.

What our Customers are Saying


"[LightGuide] reduces the reliance on operator memory – also known as “cognitive ergonomics” – effectively turning a complex process with multiple steps into a series of simple processes with single steps."
L3Harris Engineering Manager

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