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LightGuide for Food & Beverage Operations

From the burgeoning fast-casual segment to industrial “ghost” kitchens to specialty online retailers, the Food and Beverage sector shares a number of operational challenges with manufacturers in driving improvements in throughput, quality, and labor cost reduction.

Food Industry Leaders Are Deploying Industry 4.0 Technologies To Optimize Customer Service and Operational Efficiency

Especially in the Food and Beverage industries, people are a company’s most valuable asset. Our visual workflow solution focuses on empowering your workforce, allowing you to create smarter, safer, and more efficient production facilities, kitchens and make lines. With Light Guide, you create more interactive and flexible processes. Jobs are less stressful, error-free, and maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing wait times. The versatility of our augmented reality systems means unlimited variation in what you produce and ship,
or prepare and serve, to your customers.

Empowered Workforce

LightGuide is human-centric AR, helping create a safer, more satisfying environment for your workforce.

Visual Workflow

LightGuide creates an immersive, intuitive user experience with step-by-step guidance for complex manual work.


LightGuide is enterprise-ready, easily interfaced to common cloud platforms for custom dashboards and analytics.

Let Us Design a LightGuide Solution for Your Most Challenging Applications.

Our expert AR engineers can quickly create a custom LightGuide system for your most complex manual processes.

Contact us today to get the process started.

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See What We've Done for Others

In this live demo, we show that building the perfect pizza is as easy as “following the lights”! From pacemakers to powertrains—and even making pizzas—we drive operational improvements in labor, throughput, and quality by creating dynamic work instructions with infinite build variations based upon the customer’s order.

AR in Food & Beverage Manufacturing Use Case Video


Looking For Accuracy on the Plant Floor? Try LightGuide AR.