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LightGuide AR Solutions


AR work instructions for smarter, safer, and more efficient processes on the factory floor and across your operations.

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LightGuide smartAR™ Workcell

Improve quality, productivity, and efficiency in your industrial work cells by integrating the augmented reality workflows of the LightGuide platform. The smartAR Workcell can be customized to your factory’s specifications and integrates with MES, PLC, and SCADA systems.

LightGuide smartAR™ Workstation

The all-in-one smartAR Workstation redefines how augmented reality is deployed to the factory floor. As a pre-engineered system, it combines all required hardware and software needed for LightGuide AR visual guidance.

LightGuide smartAR™ Desktop

Designed with small form factor parts and processes in mind, it’s ideal for assembly, inspection, repair and training tasks. This compact platform comes preconfigured with everything your workforce needs to deliver high-quality products every time.

LightGuide SpotGuideAR™

The SpotGuideAR system is specifically designed for material handling, featuring dynamic, programmable spotlight projectors that integrate seamlessly with factory interfaces. It provides real-time instructions and guidance, enabling your warehouse associates to perform tasks with unmatched accuracy and speed.

AR Solutions for Every Application

From complex manual assembly to part picking, kitting, and sequencing, from test and inspection to training on new products and processes, there is a LightGuide solution for your toughest operational challenges.

eBook | Augmented Reality (AR) Applications on the Factory Floor


Download the eBook to Discover:

  • 3 types of AR manufacturers are using today
  • The benefits and limitations of each
  • Comparison chart to match AR to your factory application
  • How to use AR to scale, optimize, and empower your factory
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