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LightGuide AR Platform

Projected AR platform for error prevention (AR visual work instructions)
and error detection (3D sensors and vision cameras)
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AR Work Instructions for the Augmented Workplace

LightGuide’s Augmented Reality systems use digital projection technology to overlay a virtual operating “canvas” onto any work surface, interfacing with existing manufacturing equipment to deliver immersive, interactive visual AR work instructions that simplify complex manual tasks that comprise a company’s key assembly, inspection, material handling, and training operations.

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Our Quest for Continuous Improvement and Constant Innovation

Learn about the newest updates and enhancements to the LightGuide software platform.


Explore the Latest Software Updates

LightGuide Stand-Alone Systems

Every LightGuide system is powered by our LightGuide AR software platform, running on a standard Windows 10 PC, driving one or more high lumen, high-resolution industrial-grade projectors, and interfaced to sensors, cameras, input devices, and torque tools to visualize and error-proof the workflow.

LightGuide Factory Deployment

Upgrade your existing work cells with LightGuide software, bringing the power of projected AR to your factory. LightGuide workstations can power your core operational processes, from part picking to assembly to test, inspection, and training.  We connect to and communicate with any MES, PLC, or SCADA environment, ensuring the data flows seamlessly across the factory network with no latency.

LightGuide Enterprise Connectivity

LightGuide delivers Enterprise Connectivity for your global manufacturing footprint, with connections to all major Web-hosted BI / Dashboard environments, enabling full digital traceability and real-time analytics for complex manufacturing processes running anywhere in the world.


LightGuide is enterprise-ready, easily interfaced to common cloud platforms for custom dashboards and analytics.

Proven Results

LightGuide has deployed 1000+ systems over 10+ years, delivering fast ROI on the factory floor.

Empowered Workforce

LightGuide is human-centric AR, helping create a safer, more satisfying environment for your workforce.

Projection-Based AR

LightGuide Projection AR creates a high-lumen, high-resolution, hands-free user experience.

Visual Workflow

LightGuide creates an immersive, intuitive user experience with step-by-step guidance for complex manual work.

Easily Customized

LightGuide is a low-code application, easily configured, customized, and programmed by your team.

Real-Time Analytics

LightGuide captures real-time operational metrics, including station status, cycle time, step times, throughput, and defect logging.

Digital Traceability

LightGuide captures key metrics, storing pictures and videos, and providing a “digital birth certificate” for every part produced.

Factory Connected

LightGuide connects seamlessly into your factory environment, including MES, PLC, torque tools, cameras, and sensors.

Our Expert AR Engineers Can Quickly Create a Custom LightGuide System for Your Most Complex Manual Processes.

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