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Identifying The Best Enterprise AR Tool for Your Organization

In the manufacturing industry, timing is everything.

New integrated tools and advanced technologies are constantly being introduced on factory floors to improve efficiency, quality and flexibility at a faster pace than ever. Manufacturers must apply Industry 4.0 technologies rapidly in order to maintain true competitiveness to others in the marketplace.

As a result of rising demand for advanced tools and technologies, the Industry 4.0 sector is in a continuous state of rapid evolution, with augmented reality leading the charge. But despite proven success and rising rates of adoption, many manufacturing organizations are still wondering:

“What is the best enterprise AR tool?”

Manufacturing companies allocate millions in R&D budgets searching for practical AR solutions that will streamline operations, accelerate throughput and increase quality. But due diligence and vigilant research is a must, as not all enterprise augmented reality tools are created equally.

To help decide which enterprise AR tool to invest in, manufacturing organizations should vet technologies by using the following litmus test.


Can the enterprise AR tool demonstrate an acceptable ROI?

When adopting an enterprise AR tool, manufacturing organizations’ biggest worry is often whether or not they will see a return on their investment.

With LightGuide Systems, the results speak for themselves. Several case studies have shown the technology can reduce errors by 90% and improve quality by 80%, while attaining nearly 40% improved throughput.

While those statistics alone amount to huge cost savings and profits for factories that adopt this practical AR technology, organizations also enjoy the indirect benefit of stronger employee retention due to increased work satisfaction. The technology’s ability to ramp up training time for new hires also provides significant value in attracting and educating the next generation of skilled workers needed to fill today’s manufacturing skills gap.


Is the enterprise AR tool properly scalable?

The enterprise AR you choose should be so easy to use that all operators need to do is bring their parts to the workstation, scan the barcode and receive their respective work instructions.

LightGuide System’s projection AR technology integrates audio and visual cues, providing operators with real-time guidance, pacing and direction for virtually any task. With a no-faults-forward safeguards in place, this prevents operators from moving forward until the assembly sequence has been completed correctly.

LightGuide Systems also integrates with external data sources and MES interfaces to download and interpret massive amounts of complex, sophisticated build data, enabling users to modify production processes in real time so operators have the right work instructions needed to complete every order accurately and efficiently.


Is the enterprise AR tool flexible to fit the application?

Enterprise augmented reality technologies used by manufacturers should carry a high degree of flexibility to ensure effectiveness in virtually any application or industry.

LightGuide Systems software, for example, uses advanced projection technology and industrial-strength cameras that work in concert with existing manufacturing tools and equipment to overlay a digital operating canvas onto virtually any work surface.

The result is a dynamic, interactive and adaptive mechanism for driving manual processes with maximum speed and precision.


Can the enterprise AR tool solve a customer pain-point?

If there’s a specific condition in your organization causing a customer to be unhappy, your enterprise AR tool should have the capability to effectively fix it.

Whether it’s shipments arriving late, or an influx of product defects caused by human errors, LightGuide Systems is the answer to solving a wide variety of customer pain-points in manufacturing.


If you’re interested in learning how augmented reality technology can address your manufacturing challenges, send us a message.