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LightGuideAR™ 4.2 Connects Data Remotely with Web APIs

Version 4.2 of the LightGuideAR™ software introduced new capabilities with Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) for the scalability of LightGuide data.

APIs make it easier for programs to communicate with each other, locally or globally. Think of it as a kind of translator between you and your server. Having a conversation with the server is like having a conversation over the phone, where you will get more detail. A web API is like sending a text, which gives you a more specific, straightforward set of information.

LightGuide uses web API’s with clients to increase the scalability of a deployment, decrease the amount of specialization needed in enterprise deployments, and promote the availability of using cloud data connection processes.

LightGuide recently worked with a remote Google Preferred Partner that had locations in Mumbai, India, and Southeastern Michigan. They needed to transfer data without limitations caused by language or time on a global scale. LightGuide placed a machine learning algorithm on the Google Cloud Platform that connected LightGuide to web APIs to send the data remotely.

Now, we can globally connect data on any LightGuide system through web APIs. LightGuide systems are capable of connecting to the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure / Power BI, Siemens MindSphere, and many other platforms.


To learn more about LightGuideAR Version 4.2 or APIs, including an online demo and discussion of your potential applications, please contact us for more information.