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Projector-Based Augmented Reality: A New Form of Enterprise AR

Image of projected work instruction finish button

Enterprise augmented reality  is made up of an array of systems designed to give professionals across industries the guidance necessary to complete tasks correctly, consistently and efficiently.

Projector-based AR is leading this movement in the manufacturing sector, with proven technology that delivers the highest results compared to other forms of AR.


So what is projector-based augmented reality?

Although projector-based AR is being used by industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world, many business leaders still only have a vague understanding of the capabilities provided by this emerging technology.

Simply put, projector-based augmented reality uses advanced projection technology to simplify the complex manual tasks that are part of a company’s manufacturing, assembly, sequencing and training operations.


How does projector-based augmented reality work?

Perhaps it’d be easier to explain if we showed you an example of projector-based augmented reality in use. Allow us to introduce you to LightGuide Systems, the only projector-based AR solution of its kind.

Designed to make factory floors smarter, safer and more efficient, projector-based augmented reality eliminates the need for hard copy or monitor-based work instructions by creating a digital operating canvas on virtually any work surface.

Our projector-based augmented reality tool provides audio and visual prompts, pacing and direction to guide operators through every step of a manual process. All they have to do is follow the lights.

Projection-based AR is flexible, scalable and customizable – offering the ability to integrate into workstations and assembly lines on the factory floor. The technology works in concert with existing manufacturing tools and equipment – such as torque wrenches, machine vision cameras and collaborative robots – to standardize processes and establish a new baseline for quality.


What are the benefits of projection-based augmented reality?

The real-time data gleaned from the technology allows manufacturers to adjust their lines, products and personnel to maximize efficiency and drive better business results. By combining the best of human intelligence with technology, we’ve found that projector-based augmented reality drives processes with speed and precision to ensure each product is built perfectly, every time.

Here at LightGuide Systems, we have one goal: Provide innovative solutions to operational problems by helping companies better visualize complex manufacturing processes. We’ve been using the power of augmented reality since 2005 to help companies around the globe transform manual assembly and manufacturing processes.

Whether you make powertrains, pistons, pacemakers or prosthetics, projector-based augmented reality has broad applications across many industries. It’s only a matter of time before projection AR becomes the standard for enterprises. Educating yourself on this extraordinary technology now will give your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive.


If you’re interested in learning more about how projector-based augmented reality can be used to standardize processes, improve quality and increase productivity, send us a message. We’ll put you in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions you have.