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LightGuide Systems Named Top AR Training and Workplace Guidance Tool

For the past decade, Industry 4.0 has been rapidly advancing to give manufacturers more robust, efficient and technologically advanced solutions. One of the biggest areas of focus for these technologies is AR training and workplace guidance.

With hundreds of other Industry 4.0 startups working on similar solutions, we consistently stand out for our ability to stay ahead of what’s coming next and refine our technology to meet the practical (and evolving) needs of manufacturing organizations. It is for that reason and many more that, through an analysis-driven scouting approach, data science company StartUsInsights named LightGuide Systems one of the top four AR training and workplace guidance tools in the world.

In place of traditionally produced manufacturing work instructions, our projector-based AR solution has contributed to a 90% reduction in errors and a 40-50% reduction in cycle time, integrating with existing tools on the factory floor drive costs down and quality, efficiency and safety up.

We’re proud to be included on StartUsInsights’ list as we strive to move the Industry 4.0 needle forward and become the world’s leading provider of enterprise augmented reality technology.

Interested in learning more about enterprise AR and how it can help your business? Send us a message, get connected with us and learn more about our groundbreaking LightGuide Systems technology.