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Secure and Connect Your Data: Introducing LightGuideAR 4.2

OPS Solutions is proud to announce the release of LightGuideAR Software Version 4.2. The new features and functions of Version 4.2 advance the security and connectivity of your data and LightGuide Systems.

Our new and expanded database stores more data in real-time. Meaning, process data is automatically saved and defined, giving the exact location and time that the data originated.

Enhanced enterprise-wide compatibility allows for data from each system to be gathered and viewed from a central cloud location, leveraging industry-standard platforms such as Microsoft Azure / Power BI or Siemens MindSphere. This makes for easier data reporting, analytics, and dashboarding.

The ability to share and aggregate data from all LightGuide Systems deployed in your enterprise is paired with extensive security and traceability measures. One key traceability function is full hashing of work instructions, so you can know exactly what an operator saw at each step on every part that they worked with.  We store our process data in real-time and every variable in our system can be logged and retrieved automatically.  If you are torquing bolts, scanning barcodes, gauging parts, scanning RFID badges, flipping bits in a PLC, or taking 4k pictures of your parts, this data is stored and is readily available for analysis. It also maintains data integrity.

Other new features include simplified user experience, new communications formats, increased installation ease, and improvements to logic, vision, logging, and diagnostics.

Version 4.2, like all previous versions of LightGuideAR Software, powers all of our systems, including the Classic, Pro, SpotGuide, SightGuide, and TrainAR products. To learn more about the LightGuideAR 4.2 Software release, including an online demo and discussion of your potential applications, please contact us for more information.