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Why LightGuide?

LightGuide enables leading organizations to digitize, augment and transform one of their most powerful assets, the human workforce.

AR Work Instructions for the Augmented Workplace

We know that people are your company’s most valuable asset. That’s why our digital AR work instruction software focuses on empowering the workforce, allowing you to create smarter, safer, and more efficient factory floors. With LightGuide, you create more interactive and intuitive processes. Meaning jobs are less stressful, error-free, and unlock the full potential of your workforce.


See the many ways that LightGuide can improve manufacturing production, quality, and training effectiveness.

LightGuide Stand-Alone Systems

Every LightGuide system is powered by our LightGuide AR software platform, running on a standard Windows 10 PC, driving one or more high lumen, high-resolution industrial-grade projectors, and interfaced to sensors, cameras, input devices, and torque tools to visualize and error-proof the workflow.

Projection-Based AR

LightGuide Projection AR creates a high-lumen, high-resolution, hands-free user experience.

Real-Time Analytics

LightGuide captures real-time operational metrics, including station status, cycle time, step times, throughput, and defect logging.

Factory Connected

LightGuide connects seamlessly into your factory environment, including MES, PLC, torque tools, cameras, and sensors.

Optimizing Your Workflow Step by Step

By delivering the right information in the right place at the right time, our projected AR technology maximizes operational impact. Our versatile user interface enables continuous process improvement, allowing you to transform your manufacturing processes. Light-guided visual work instructions and training optimize workforce performance and benefit employees by eliminating memorization and stress. LightGuide empowers the workforce, and complex work becomes more interactive and intuitive.

Powerful Projection-Based AR Technology

LightGuide systems are driven by our powerful, patented LightGuide software. We deploy high resolution, high lumen, industrial-strength projectors and hardware that stands up to the rigors of the factory floor, designed for years of robust, reliable operation.

LightGuide transforms work instructions for any manual process from outdated, hard to follow, binder-filling paper to immersive, intuitive, illuminating visual workflow – work is way better with LightGuide!

Computer Equipment Being Assembled Computer Equipment Assembled with LightGuide
  • 90% Improvement in Quality
  • 50% Improvement in Throughput
  • 30% Improvement in Training Effectiveness

eBook | Augmented Reality (AR) Applications on the Factory Floor


Learn how Immersive Technology can Transform your Manufacturing Programs.

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