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The Evolution of AR: LightGuide 4.6

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Introducing LightGuide 4.6

The 4.6 release redefines your user experience, streamlining, standardizing, and simplifying the way you interact with the LightGuide AR platform to create repeatable workflows. It’s the next chapter of our revolutionary projected AR work instruction software.

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Analyze the Full Potential of Your Operations with the New Data Hub

Uncover powerful real-time insights throughout processes with the new Data Hub in LightGuide’s AR work instruction platform. Understand full process lifecycles, identify root causes, and optimize outcomes with detailed analytics.  

Audit Your System and Simplify Service with Sonar’s New Pack-and-Go Feature

Get to work faster by leveraging Sonar’s new Pack-and-Go configuration within LightGuide’s AR platform. The concise Pack-and-Go tool simplifies service, storing all of your system configuration settings, enhancing Sonar’s ability to easily audit, inspect, and match system information for consistency and direct traceability. 

Direct Device Communications with EtherNet/IP (EIP)

Now directly integrated with ODVA compliant EtherNet industrial Protocol (EIP), LightGuide’s AR work instruction platform removes the need for an Anybus gateway and connects by adapter to a wide variety of factory devices, including Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLCs, Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, Omron’s Sysmac, and more. 

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Prior LightGuide AR Software Updates

Accelerate Authoring Efficiency with New User Interface

Streamline and accelerate your LightGuide user experience with our new user interface. This distinct design makes it easier to identify key authoring elements, simplifying LightGuide platform training and comprehension with a cohesive user experience.

Eliminate Onboarding Barriers with Sonar's Display Configuration Walkthrough

Get to work faster with LightGuide by leveraging our concise display setup walkthrough in Sonar. Find all the information you need to configure and maintain your LightGuide system, plus, audit and save all system settings for direct traceability.

Author More Engaging Experiences with New Animated Graphics Library

Enhance operator engagement with our updated animation library. Sometimes, when writing work instructions, a static image won’t do. Capture the operator’s attention and strengthen their understanding with our new animated graphics.

Communicate and Diagnose Issues More Efficiently

It’s easier than ever to capture long and complex processes with the improved Record Loop feature in Observatory. Retrieve more data with longer recording times, reducing trips between the PC and your work area. The compressed video files also make it easier to transfer or archive videos.

Program Authoring

Conditional audio and graphic variable expression make program authoring more intuitive and streamlined

Remote Support

Improved error logging supports easier remote support and troubleshooting


LightGuide is now FIPS compliant, using AES Encryption, which is critical to high-security environments including defense, aerospace, and medical

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