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What's New with LightGuide

The Latest Updates to LightGuide’s AR Software

Latest 4.3 LightGuide AR Software Features

LightGuide’s software release enhances the delivery of immersive, interactive visual work instructions that simplify complex manual tasks in every manufacturing sector.

Observatory Dark Mode

The new “dark mode” Observatory user interface enhances ergonomics for LightGuide users, making it easier to read text and view graphics. This modern look and feel more seamlessly integrates the user interface for programming and the LightGuide user experience in “run mode.”

Snapshot Improvements

The Snapshot tool is significantly more powerful, providing a simpler way to capture images. Snapshots can now be captured with a soft button and expand to a fullscreen, real-time view of the image.

Variable Table Improvements

Enhancements to the Systems Settings variables table make it faster than ever to select and delete variables. This update also allows users to resize variable table columns to change the fit of content.

Faster Variable Calculation

LightGuide calculates variables 100 times faster, accelerating authoring and validation of variable logic during work instruction program design. This update improves speculative execution (a predictive algorithm for anticipating the next program step, i.e. preparing Observatory), which results in faster runtime and less latency. Improved Observatory speed and frame rate improvement provide a huge performance improvement for high-resolution cameras utilizing many tools, like the Logitech Brio Webcam.

Program Authoring

Conditional audio and graphic variable expression make program authoring more intuitive and streamlined

Remote Support

Improved error logging supports easier remote support and troubleshooting


LightGuide is now FIPS compliant, using AES Encryption, which is critical to high-security environments including defense, aerospace, and medical

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