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The Gamification Benefits of Enterprise Augmented Reality

Gamification; the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation.” – Merriam-Webster

Gamification has long been used by businesses as a tool to attract, retain and engage workers – particularly the Millennial generation. It works by tapping into key motivators such as recognition, rewards and a sense of competition.

According to a study by Badgeville, “the top benefits of gamification are an increased desire to be at work and engaged, inspiration to be more productive at their job or the focus to stay on task and avoid distraction…Game-based motivation increases productivity levels for 90% of workers, and boosts awareness of goals and tasks for 86%.”

As factories experience increasing difficulty in bridging the manufacturing skills gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials, many are modifying their retention tactics by adopting new technologies like gamification and enterprise AR. In doing so, these companies are beginning to see a renewed shift in appeal from younger generations.


Gamification in Manufacturing

Gamification is not a new concept in manufacturing.  For years, manufacturers have implemented productivity systems that place team metrics in plain view and established rewards for desired outcomes in safety and productivity.  This scorekeeping system is a nod to the same spirit of rewards and competition that are driving the gamification trend.

Some companies have experimented, with varying success, to develop more individual metrics and scorekeeping.  By taking metrics from a team level to an individual operator level and, in some cases, tying compensation to output.  For example, Lincoln Electric has famously tied significant workers bonus compensation to a rating system that takes into account output, quality, dependability and cooperation with other team members.  The company has successfully utilized this model to drive outstanding manufacturing performance as well as succeeding in avoiding layoffs within their workforce and maintaining status as one of the best companies to work for.

With enterprise AR technology like LightGuide Systems, gamification in the manufacturing space can take a quantum leap forward.  By integrating tools and aids directly in to the workforce and automating the collection and display of productivity and quality data, AR systems have the ability to drastically improve the interactivity of work.  The system is able to turn any set of manufacturing tasks into an interactive, enjoyable sequence by using the ability to “keep score” with time trial challenges, and effectively track otherwise difficult metrics.

Turning mundane tasks into a game helps get employees engaged and wanting to do the work, thinking about things in a more competitive environment.

Since LightGuide Systems is designed to ensure manufacturing processes are precisely followed, speed does not come at the cost of quality. Instead, task repetition guided with our augmented reality offers the best of both worlds.


AR Gamification in Manufacturing Training

Our innovative enterprise AR technology can also be used to gamify the manufacturing training process.

Organizations have the ability to set up a staged training sequence in which a score is given upon completion of a task. That score can then be matched up against the scores of others in the program – allowing managers to assess, recognize and reward outstanding new employees accordingly.

Gamification with LightGuide Systems is real-time feedback for the operator. Let’s say a worker makes 3 errors and is 20 seconds over cycle time, and the next time they make 2 errors and are 15 seconds over cycle time – watching that upward trend as they progress helps them improve, keeps them engaged and gives them confidence to know they’re on the right track.

Manufacturing companies can create financial incentives for workers with the fastest times, and offer a rewards program in which the operator with the best average task time at the end of each month receives a prize.

No matter the industry, incorporating LightGuide Systems and gamification in your manufacturing company will help reduce stress levels, and give employees an incentive to consistently do a great job.


If you’re interested in learning more about enterprise augmented reality, and how it can be used to gamify manufacturing processes in your organization, please send us message.