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LightGuide Enables Industry 5.0 with Projected AR Workstation Launch

LightGuide smartAR Workstation front view

New LightGuide Projected AR Workstation empowers human and smart system collaboration powered by projected augmented reality software

LightGuide recently released its new Projected AR Workstation, a preconfigured, turnkey workstation solution powered by LightGuide’s patented AR software. LightGuide’s Projected AR Workstation harnesses LightGuide’s digital projection technology, displaying step-by-step work instructions onto a mobile, ergonomic production area. It offers a new way for LightGuide users to integrate AR technology into their factory and deliver immediate impacts on quality and productivity, streamlining and error-proofing manual manufacturing processes.

“LightGuide is a transformational, enabling technology – LightGuide is all about augmenting human intelligence, and empowering people to immediately perform at the highest possible levels of productivity and quality,” states Chris Bala, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Management at LightGuide. “Where Industry 4.0 put smart technology at the forefront of manufacturing, Industry 5.0 is about increased collaboration between humans and smart systems. Marrying the two will merge the high-speed accuracy of industrial automation with the cognitive, critical thinking skills of humans, and our new LightGuide Projected AR Workstation is the ideal enabler of this Industry 5.0 vision.”

The all-in-one Projected AR Workstation redefines how AR is integrated into your factory, including all the features needed to get up and running quickly. Tech-forward manufacturers that have implemented LightGuide’s enterprise-ready AR software have seen a 90% improvement in quality, 50% improvement in throughput and a 30% improvement in training effectiveness. From module assembly to ICE/EV changeovers, Projected AR solves a variety of complex manufacturing challenges. Paired with our Projected AR Workstation, manufacturers gain access to a flexible, mobile solution that enhances factories across every industry.

Features and benefits of LightGuide’s Projected AR Workstation include:

  • A high-lumen industrial projector
  • A high-resolution 3D camera
  • A standard Windows PC
  • Dual touchscreen monitors
  • A 30-by-60-inch work surface
  • Pre-installed LightGuide AR software
  • An optional height adjusting bench that lifts up to 18 inches
  • Industrial locking castor wheels
  • Bin attachment rails that function for a variety of bin sizes
  • Extra outlets for connecting external devices