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Augmented Reality for Training

LightGuide AR for Training

The LightGuide AR platform can be used to create high-impact, immersive, AR-guided training experiences.

This all-in-one AR training station combines our industry-leading projected AR software platform with all the required hardware, including a high-lumen projector and 3D camera, to provide a simple and effective way to deploy digital AR work instructions for visually guided manufacturing training.

The station’s simple programming environment makes it easy to create training lessons that mirror real-world scenarios for virtually any application. This safe and controlled method of training allows employees to gain on-the-job experience without disrupting actual production processes.

By transforming complex processes into a series of visually intuitive and interactive instructions that are projected directly onto a work surface, our AR training platform makes it easier and faster to upskill and cross-train employees. This reduces the onboarding time for new and reassigned workers and helps them reach their productivity and quality targets sooner.

Ready to Put the Power of LightGuide Projected AR to Work for You?