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Guiding Industry 4.0: Understanding the Skills Gap

“You need [workers] to be building the highest quality and productivity into products, maybe with even five minutes of training, as well as someone that has five years of training,” LightGuide CEO Paul Ryznar explains.

To solve the skills gap, maintain jobs, and ensure agility, finding the right training programs is the key. But to have that competitive advantage, you need to understand what the skills gap is and what solving it means for your factory floor.

Paul Ryznar discusses the effects of the skills gap in manufacturing in our latest video, “Guiding Industry 4.0: Understanding the Skills Gap.”

This video explains how the skills gap is affecting day-to-day operations and how to work towards higher levels of quality and productivity.

This video is a part of the “Guiding Industry 4.0” series, where Paul dissects the current status of the skills gap on the factory floor and provides solutions to becoming more agile.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel.


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