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Fuse Box Assembly with LightGuide AR Work Instructions

Fuse Box Assembly with LightGuide AR Work Instructions

Within the electronics industry, products often have complex manual assembly processes that make it difficult for operators to memorize and accurately execute each step. This requires operators to take their focus away from the task at hand to reference traditional paper or monitor-based work instructions.

LightGuide’s projected augmented reality (AR) work instruction platform streamlines complex manual processes by providing real-time operator guidance in the form of digital work instructions that are projected on the component being assembled.

In this application, LightGuide’s smartAR Desktop is being used to assemble a fuse box. It’s a perfect fit for any organization that works with small form-factor parts and processes, like portable electronics and PCBAs to cell phones, tablets, game controllers, and more.

Work instructions are projected directly onto the fuse box to provide the operator with detailed step-by-step visual guidance. A vision system is used to inspect the part for errors. If the process was completed incorrectly, LightGuide halts the process and provides real-time feedback to the operator about how to fix their error. LightGuide then does another vision inspection to ensure the error was corrected and confirm the process is complete.

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