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Streamlined Smartphone Disassembly & Repair with Projected AR

Streamlined Smartphone Disassembly & Repair with Projected AR

Electronics manufacturers work at a variety of scales and applications, assembling, repairing, and recycling a wide variety of devices. With an ever-changing and high-variation product mix, electronics companies need an agile way to implement new processes while maintaining high levels of quality and productivity.

With projected augmented reality (AR) work instructions, manual electronics assembly, repair, and recycling processes can be standardized to reduce complexity, optimize efficiency, and eliminate errors.

In this application, LightGuide’s projected AR workflow software powers the smartAR™ Desktop to safely guide a repair technician through each step of a smartphone screen removal process.

Precise Work Instructions for Small-Scale Disassembly & Repair

LightGuide AR displays the exact order of steps and position of the tools at the right pace to properly disassemble the smartphone screen. The workflow begins when the operator selects the repair type from the user interface which is built directly in LightGuide. Projecting instructions directly on the work surface, LightGuide illuminates the location of all of the required components before displaying the first step of the process.

When it comes to identifying and removing internal components, LightGuide eliminates the guesswork by illuminating fasteners, connectors, and brackets. When screws need to be removed, LightGuide highlights the exact driver and bit, then illuminates the screw location.

A countdown is also utilized to ensure the proper amount of time has elapsed during the heating step. The operator is unable to advance to the next step until the timer has completed; a feature which not only enforces the correct process but also increases operator safety when working with electronic devices.

Effective Training with smartAR Workstations

Training is also more engaging, effective, and efficient when using a system powered by LightGuide’s AR software.

Using projected AR workstations, like the smartAR Desktop, companies can create training experiences that mirror real-world scenarios. This reduces the learning curve for new hires and can help seasoned technicians increase proficiency on devices with lower repair volumes or higher reship rates. By enforcing the no-faults forward process as described above, LightGuide can ensure that trainees using the system learn the correct sequence, every time.

This interactive and visual learning experience, combined with other LightGuide features, such as real-time feedback, audio guidance, and traceability, culminates in a highly effective and versatile training tool for components big and small.

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